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Ai no Keshiki

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Hear some initial ideas and textures for Ai no Keshiki to be installed in Tokushima, Japan January 2018.

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Collaborations, Music, Research, Sound Art, Teaching

Big Tent at IU

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EVENT Big Tent is a portable multimedia performance environment – 360º of sound and visuals integrated with live performers and audience. Visit Alumni Hall (in the IMU) on Thursday, September 21 2017 for performances of music, film, multi-screen video projection and dance by IU students and faculty. Big Tent co-creators Robin Cox and Benjamin Day […]

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NAfME References

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Thank you IU chapter of NAfME for the opportunity to speak at your symposium. As promised, here are the resource links discussed in my talk today. Sound Art Examples Richard Chartier + Linn Meyers “Untitled” Harry Bertoia “Sonambient Sculpture” Ray Lee “Chorus” Yann Novak “Blue Hour” Norbert Herber & Rowland Ricketts […]

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Collaborations, Sound Art

Mobile Section Interviews at SAM

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Thank you (once again) Seattle Asian Art Museum for the space and time to share this work.

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Collaborations, Music

Der Leiermann

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“With a heart filled with endless love for those who scorned me, I … wandered far away. For many and many a year I sang songs. Whenever I tried to sing of love, it turned to pain. And again, when I tried to sing of pain, it turned to love.” —Franz Schubert, “My Dream”, manuscript, […]

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Collaborations, Current works, Generative music, Sound Art

Re-Imag(in)ing Science

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Jeffrey A. Wolin & Zach Norman, plenoptic (light field) photography, anaglyphic video, dye sublimation & 3D prints Andrew Lumsdaine & Georgi Chunev camera and software engineering Norbert Herber wave terrain synthesis, ambisonic diffusion, harmonic system design “Re-Imag(in)ing Science contains collaborative projects by fifteen teams of researchers in the arts and sciences. The exhibition, based at […]

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Collaborations, Current works, Sound Art

Mobile Section in Seattle

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Rowland Ricketts Norbert Herber Indigo and sound This installation will be at the Seattle Asian Art Museum 9 April – 9 October 2016. Thank you to Pam McClusky for brining our work to the west coast. The following text appears in the museum alongside the installation. Standing inside this enclosure, you may think it is […]

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Composing Music for Games Tutorial Series (Wwise & FMOD)

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In collaboration with Chance Thomas author of “Composing Music for Games” I’ve produced two new tutorial series, one for Wwise and one for FMOD. In each, the concepts are the same, drawing upon ideas in the book; while the implementation is specific to each application. Please share these links with students and those new to […]

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A-Life, Amergent music, Collaborations, Current works, Experiments, Film, Game Audio, Generative music, Past works, Research, Sound Art, Teaching, Uncategorized, Writing

Humanexus Official Film is online

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Producer (Initial Story / Guidance / Resources): Katy Börner, CNS, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University Director (Animation / Art / Design / Editing): Ying-Fang Shen, School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University Sound Artist (Music / Sound Track): Norbert Herber, Media School, Indiana University After film festivals, art galleries, lecture halls and conference […]

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Amergent music, Current works, Sound Art

For the [ ] of the Loop

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exhibition by Norbert Herber musician & sound artist Alexandre Hogue Gallery, University of Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA) Loops—short, repeated segments of a sound recording—have been used in musical instruments and devices, toys, gadgets, computer games, VR worlds, and fine art gallery exhibitions for many years. This exhibition explores the loop from a variety of technical and […]

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